Multifunctional smart card terminals. PC/SC, ISO 7816 and OCF compliant!

The portable CHIPDRIVE smart card terminal. A large display and compact design make this terminal ideal for mobile applications. Terminal software is downloadable. PC-compiled programs can be transferred via service cards or IrDA interface. A built in mini-Sim interface allows for use with applications requiring a SAM (Secure 
Access Module) - e.g., payment or authorization applications. The devices can exchange information among each other or with a PC via the IrDA communication link. Large memory capacity enables extensive data collection for central processing.

Weight: 150 grams 

EMI compatibility: CE 89/336 

Temperature range: -10 to +50 C 

Card interface life: 200,000 mating cycles 
Contact material: gold plated brass 
Card frequency: 3.57 MHz 
Card frequency: 4 MHz Microchip controller
Card current supply: 2 x 0 to 25 mA 
Interface: One interface for standard cards 
Power supply: 2 AAA size batteries
Display: LCD, 128 x 64 pixel, graphics capable, TrueType fonts, bitmaps, 16 key membrane keyboard with menu and numeric keys 
Dimensions: 110 x 78 x 20 mm 
Body color:  Dark blue

Protocols:  2-Wire, 3-Wire, I2C

Standards:  ISO 7816-3 ff., EMV3.0, GSM11.11

Printable area:  Rear side 75 x 42 mm (2/0 colors

Connection cable:  120 cm, 9 pol. SUB-D, black 
Program/Data Memory: 8 to 256 KByte EEPROM
Accessories:  Download service cards, Windows compiler
Special features:  Large graphics display, durable housing for field use, compact size, Real time clock
OEM-packaging Shipping contents:  cardboard box 120 x 85 x 40mm, CHIPDRIVE mobile, Two (AAA-sized), Short instruction guide
Shipping units:  120 pcs. per cardboard box, 16 boxes per palette (1920) 

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