Athena Smartcard Solutions, one of the industry’s fastest growing vendors, is a provider of smart cards, tokens, smart card readers and smart card management systems — protecting computer networks — and an innovative supplier of cards and operating systems for National ID and ePassport applications. Athena’s offices in the US, Europe, and Asia serve customers worldwide including some of the world’s leading banks, manufactures, telecoms and Government organizations. The company’s dedicated engineering, sales, and support staff has over 20 years’ experience in smart card and security technology including some of the original innovators and developers of Java Card and inventors of key technologies of the MULTOS operating system.

Athena’s products include contact and dual interface open platform and file system based cryptographic smart cards for Windows Authentication (Minidrivers), PIV, CNS/CIE, JICSAP, Java Card, Global Platform, and EMV. The Athena ASEDrive line of smart card readers includes high performance USB desktop, internal, keyboard and biometric smart card readers. Athena’s cryptographic middleware solutions including the ASECard Crypto Toolkit with support for all major operating systems, and through the Athena CMS, our customers enjoy smart card life-cycle management solutions for contact and contactless cards.

Athena’s IDProtect Smart Card and Middleware Approved for US Government PIV/HSPD-12 Deployment

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Cupertino, November 17, 2008–Athena Smartcard Solutions, a leading developer of smart cards for Digital ID, announced today that the Athena