Card Management System

Smart Card Management System or Card Management Systems (CMS) is a software interface that makes up for the complex and tedious process of creating, managing and storing encryption keys in an easy and secure way and in a completely autonomous and centralized way.

Credential management generates and stores system passwords centrally and passes them to applications so that they don’t need to be shared manually.

Credential Management Systems are available both on an individual level and as an enterprise-wide service. A key feature of CMS is that they can distribute credentials in a closed-loop system, removing the need for operators to know the passwords being used.

A CMS can be used to  to streamline the discovery, reporting, issuance and management of PKI (Public-Key Infrastructure) and digital certificates.

Its purchase is particularly suitable for military, government or large companies where there are numerous departments and users.

The use of the software requires authentication with a Crypto Officer profile by inserting the appropriate CO smartcard . and its PIN.
In addition, a PUK is associated with the CO to manage the device unlocking procedures following multiple incorrect PIN entries.
For each set of cryptographic keys, the CMS makes it possible to define different operational “intervals” such as access timings, sharing criteria (single user, groups, subcategories, etc.) up to defining specific operational geographical areas (if associated with a GPS).

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