Ecebs Ltd. is a smart technology company with an enviable pedigree in delivering world-class solutions across a broad range of markets, including transport, local government, payment and many more. We provide the software that resides on the smart cards, terminals and back office systems for many of today’s solutions.

We are also a supplier of cards to, amongst others, the UK ITSO transport market. In 2012, we delivered over 1 Million MIFARE DESFire EV1 cards to clients in that market.

Our significant expertise enables us to develop solutions that are adaptable and scalable to ensure they meet customer requirements in the years to come, thereby ensuring any investment in smart technology will not become outdated.

We provide off-the-shelf and bespoke software solutions that support multi-application smartcards with maximum security, measurability and control.

Ecebs’ knowledge of smartcard technology and development is what sets us apart. We believe smart technology should be simple, cost-effective to implement and manage and we work with channel partners, system integrators and other third parties to help deliver that belief.
One example of our innovation is our patented Paragon RTD (Remote Ticket Download) solution, which enables the secure delivery of electronic tickets over the internet to a smart card or Secure Element in an NFC smartphone. This represents a paradigm shift in the ability of smart technology to deliver services and entitlements anywhere in the world at any time.

As smart technology evolves, it is rapidly becoming part of everyday life, and Ecebs sits at the heart of that evolution.

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