eTokens are hardware authentication devices typically in the form of a smart card, OTP token or USB dongle. eToken is used for password authentication via using identity management technique and provides hacking problem solution to the user. It looks similar to pen drive and fixes in the USB port of the computer.

This device is beneficial for the corporate companies, organizations, libraries, banks, finance companies, education institutes, security provider companies and government and defense organizations. Besides this it is also very useful where there security is the must thing weather personal computer or cyber café pc. It can be most widely used in E-banking, E-commerce, stock trading, and online data and money transactions task.

The eToken is a portable USB-based PKI authenticator that generates and stores private keys and digital certificates on a 32KB storage crypto device small enough to fit on a key chain. eTokens are compact and rugged, tamper resistant construction make it easy for the user to carry digital IDs.

eToken brings two-factor authentication to applications where security is critical. Unlike traditional password authentication that relies on weak, easily guessed passwords, eToken requires both a physical token (the eToken itself containing the user’s private PKI key) and the user’s PIN to complete the authentication process. The eToken is FIPS 140-1 Level 2 validated hardware and offers onboard key generation, key storage, authentication, encryption, and digital signing functions which add high-assurance security to client applications such as Windows logon, VPN access, network authentication, digital signatures, file encryption/boot protection, and password management to name a few.

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