GlobalPlatform is a technical standards organization that enables the efficient launch and management of innovative, secure-by-design digital services and devices, which deliver end-to-end security, privacy, simplicity and convenience to users. It achieves this by providing standardized technologies and certifications that empower technology and service providers to develop, certify, deploy and manage digital services and devices in line with their business, security, regulatory and data protection needs. Key offerings include secure component specifications; the Device Trust Architecture for accessing secure services within a device; the IoTopia Framework for secure launch and management of connected devices; and the SESIP Methodology for IoT device certification.

The GlobalPlatform consortium has issued a Card Specification that defines a card management framework. This specification complements the Java Card specifications by defining a set of commands that can be used to manage applications on a Java Card product.

The GlobalPlatform Card Specification also defines a Java Card API that allows Java Card developers to further integrate GlobalPlatform support in their applications.

Most Java Card products include at least some support for the GlobalPlatform Card specification. Please refer to GlobalPlatform for more information.

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