IDPrime MD

IDPrime MD are Minidriver-enabled Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate-based smart cards that provide a high level of assurance of the identity of the user attempting to gain logical access to the network. Built with proven Java Card technology, the IDPrime MD cards are strong, yet simple to use, never burdening users with long, complicated passwords or cumbersome hardware devices. Whatever the security need, whatever the job function, IDPrime MD is a perfect solution to meet your needs. The IDPrime product portfolio is made up of a variety of cards with varying feature choices, including contactless technologies, certification type, and secure storage.

These smart card-based products can be combined with proximity technology to also provide for physical access control (PACS), and with security printing processes, can serve as visual identity as well. IDPrime MD smart cards leverage the built-in card management capabilities in Microsoft Server and Windows OS. This deployment requires no additional middleware for card management. Fully contained within Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) or Microsoft Identity Manager, the IDPrime MD certificate-based authentication solution is virtually plug and play.

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