IDPrime .NET

Gemalto IDPrime .NET uses smart card and .Net technology to ensure that card security is maintained and the highest security standards for these smart cards are achieved. The .Net IM V2+ card is supported by Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) and companies can manage the cards with this card management system or by using Allynis Devis Administration Service (DAS). The ideal use for these cards is for using them as smart cards for identification or access purposes. This minidriver enabled smart card is perfect for Microsoft environments where dual authentication is required.

If your business is looking for peace of mind and for a cryptographic smart card that performs at the highest level then the Gemalto IDPrime .Net is the smart card solution for those needs. The cards employ two different Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) technologies, One Time Passwords (OTP) and X509 Certificates (PKI) and integrate with Microsoft platforms making encryption and digital signatures easy. A mini-driver with all the smart card information comes pre-installed on the system and the cards are able to perform with Public Key Infrastructure as well as OTP, therefore achieving two-factor authentication. If your business is committed to IT security then these cryptographic cards offer the smart card solution for you.

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