MOC (Match-On-Card)​ is the matching user’s biometric information inside IC chip when storing and verifying encrypted biometric information in smart card IC chip.

Match-on-Card technology elevates biometrics from a mere PIN replacement to an integral part of a secure and privacy-enhancing smart card solution. Match-on-Card technology takes biometric security and convenience one step further by performing the actual fingerprint match within the tamperproof environment of a smartcard. This removes the uncertainty of matching on a network-connected device, an external server, or a database, normally considered weak links in the security chain.

Match-on-Card creates a fully integrated biometrics solution for smartcards, which surpasses PINs and passwords in convenience, security, performance, and ease of use. The Match-on-Card technology was developed to meet the needs and demands of new markets and users of national ID and travel documents. Match-on-Card is becoming an integral part of high-security smartcards in many diverse markets.

MOC (Match On Card) Features​:

  • Security – All biometrics templates save within the smart-card, and all operations, involving it (registration and matching, etc) occur within the smart card
  • Compatibility – Compatible with Java Card, Multos, and Native cards.
  • Applicability – EID, Passports, border crossing, National ID, Bank, healthcare cards

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