MasterCard® PayPass™ is an innovative contactless payment feature that uses near field communications (NFC) to provide consumers with a fast, safe and smart way to pay for everyday purchases. PayPass is ideal for traditional cash-heavy environments where speed is essential, and has opened new opportunities for use, including the expansion of PayPass contactless payments to the world of mobile devices and computers.

As a leading global innovation, PayPass can be added to any MasterCard® or Maestro® account, and its Tap & Go™ technology makes payment and checkout easier: faster than using cash, waiting for change, waiting to enter a PIN, signing a receipt or handing a smart card over to a clerk.

And consumers who use a PayPass-enabled card or device enjoy the same protections from fraud as they would with conventional MasterCard payments. PayPass is supported by multi-level security protections, including the advanced encryption of PayPass radio frequency transaction transmissions and the state-of-the art security protections of the MasterCard payment system.

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