The STMicroelectronics ST53G family offers an unique solution that makes contactless payment transactions faster and more robust, while using tiny antennas that are easy to integrate with any wearable form factor. The boosted NFC technology is also available in the STPay product range under the STPay-I-Boost reference.

From the optimized passive solution ST31G480 to the multi-application ST54 system-in-package, ST provides everything developers need to start building their applications on a host, choosing from ST’s proven secure element devices and adding optional boostedNFC™ technology. With the development of the ST53G system-in-package, ST widen its secure wearables ecosystem to optimized active solutions. Co-evolving with product designers, ST helps them integrate support for payment, ticketing, digital access, and loyalty-card system within a diversity of form factors.

ST platform security approach enables customers with a large choice of products and solutions for wearable applications such as payment, transportation, and multiple contactless transactions answering the challenges such as Security certification, interoperability, power consumption, integration, and NFC highest performances.

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