The forward-thinking Salt River Project (SRP) of Phoenix has addressed their customer’s need for power and financial SRP electricity smart card payment terminalmanagement with an innovative program called SRP M-Power®. The program relies on a pre-paid smart card, provided by CardLogix, that customers load value into at numerous pay stations (ATMs) throughout the service area.
The customer plugs the card into a personal home terminal that shows how much credit they have on their account, and how long that balance will last, based upon their current usage. The terminals communicate through power line communication (PLC) and back to the SRP server for updates and status.

This wise approach to energy management makes customers more aware of their consumption, and more empowered to manage it. The average M-Power customer saves 12% annually on their utility bill.
SRP is one of the largest public electrical power utilities in Arizona, serving customers for over 100 years. SRP’s service area is a land of extreme temperatures, and its customers find it challenging to manage their energy consumption – and accompanying costs – especially during the summer, when the mercury soars over 120 degrees.

SRP has found a way to partner with their customers with a simple system that saves money and conserves precious energy for all in an extreme desert environment. SRP has counted on CardLogix for smart cards that conveniently store value and provide essential technology to SRP’s M-Power Plan. To date, CardLogix has provided over a million smart cards over the life of the program.

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