Fingerprint Acquisition Profile (FAP) number is levels for optical capture devices that can be used for fingerprint capture. The FAP level is based upon device capture dimensions, the image quality specification applied, and the number of simultaneous fingers that can be captured.

The following table summarizes the basic categories with overview information on the specification applied and types of images involved. See the specification documents themselves for exact details.

Certification CategorySpecification~ Capture Dimension
(WxH inches)
Types of Prints collected
FAP 10PIV-0710060.5 x 0.651
FAP 20PIV-0710060.6 x 0.81
FAP 30PIV-0710060.8 x 1.01
FAP 40PIV-0710061.6 x 1.51-2
FAP 45Appendix F1.6 x 1.51-2
FAP 50Appendix F3.2 x 2.01-4
FAP 60Appendix F3.2 x 3.01-4

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