Aspects is announcing 3G and GSM Tools 5.1, the latest release of their leading suite of wireless testing tools at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. These complement their market leading test tool suite and will work in conjunction with a new, ultra portable hardware platform, the SmartStation3S. The new functionality allows test engineers within Network Operators, (U)SIM / SIM card manufacturers, mobile handset manufacturers and wireless test laboratories to save time and money by supporting quicker and more effective (U)SIM / SIM card and 3G / GSM mobile handset acceptance testing. As there are 3G and GSM toolsets, a range of engineers, departments and companies can take advantage of the new functionality.

Release 5.1 of both 3G and GSM Tools will enable engineers to improve and extend their testing capabilities between cards and handsets:

  • • Aspects terminal simulation environments now includes a new verification system to automate a previously manual process, allowing engineers to quickly verify (U)SIM / SIM card profiles without the need to generate Java code.
  • • New translated test certificates functionality allows test engineers to view test results and translated APDUs within the same window, enabling communication errors to be identified and debugged quickly and efficiently.
  • • Test results can now be collated and viewed graphically for handset and card testing.
  • • Improved displays of parity and signal error protocol information facilitates faster identification and debugging of communication errors.
  • • Wider Searching capabilities, allowing the searching of live and saved sessions by filters set for Text, Protocol, Status Word, Channel or Command Type, helps engineers identify problems more quickly.
  • • Additional user interface enhancements now offer even clearer and easier interpretation of the communications between a card and handset.

Didier Sérodon, Aspects’ CEO comments “Aspects, once again, has shown its commitment to the test engineering community by offering a broader range of functionality to work with our new SmartStation3 hardware platform. Aspects’ test tools are known throughout the testing community for their ease of use and with these additional test capabilities we believe we offer the most usable and beneficial suite of test and development tools currently available”

About Aspects Software

Aspects Software ( is a specialist, independent smartcard solution provider with over 20 years’ experience. Focusing on Open Standards, Aspects has developed a Java Card / Global Platform compliant Operating System with tailored solutions for the Wireless (GSM Phase 2+), Finance (VISA Config 1 & 2), ID (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified) and multi-media markets. Aspects also provides Smartcard Security Consultancy Services and a range of industry leading, proven Test Tools for the Wireless market to inspect, analyse and ensure Standards compliance terminals and handsets with smartcards.

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