Shenzhen, China, April 19, 2017 — No countries or tax payers want to pay extra money for welfare cheaters. To avoid that, biometric identification systems can be applied. Recently, the government of Mexico started to cross-check an individual’s enrollment in public assistance programs.

In the aim of perfecting the database of welfare recipients and eliminating welfare “double-dippers” and fraud claims, the Social Development Authorities of Mexico has deployed handheld fingerprint scanners in its projects since 2015. 1.75 million people in poverty got their food stamps, with which they can purchase 14 basic products with high nutritional values at favorable prices.

The implementation of a fingerprint identification system to eliminate welfare fraud is clearly a technically feasible undertaking, and the payoff in terms of real dollar savings can be immense. After all, it is easy to copy a signature, but it is not possible to copy your hands.

The fingerprint reader used in this national project comes from Shenzhen Chainway Information Technology CO., Ltd (Chainway), a handheld computer manufacturer based in China. This portable scanner is equipped with additional functions of GPS, 3G network and camera. Food stamp applicants had their thumbprint scanned and photos taken in their places. Officers also photographed the applicants’ living conditions with this handheld reader. Under 3G network, all data was transmitted in real time to the state back-end server.

Later, when applicants went to receive food stamps, they got fingerprinted again. Chainway device captured the fingerprint and matched it in the database to determine whether this individual may claim multiple benefits from another regions or under another identity. Only the applicant passed the test can he/she got the food stamp.

Data of welfare applicants was added. This database would be available at any time for inquiry and management.

Biometric technologies – fingerprint, iris or facial recognition – are moving ahead in confirming the identity of an individual through his or her unique physical characteristics in social welfare, population census, election voting and defense security. Among these three methods, fingerprint identification has the longest history and fingerprint scanning technology is easy to deploy; iris is very difficult to duplicate and stays the same for a lifetime; facial recognition is flexible enough to work without the knowledge of the subject. Chainway assembles all these functions in its different lines of products. You can always find the right product based on your needs.

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