Green Bit Dactyscan84C 10-Fingerprint ScannerIn June 2013, Greenbit’s live fingerprint collection device DactyScan84c obtained the GA certification of China’s public safety products. Certificate number: V201303303000007, product standards and technical requirements: GA/T625-2010, GA/T626.1-2010, GA/T626.2-2010, GA/T866-2010.
DactyScan84c fingerprint scanner is currently a more advanced four-finger fingerprint collection device. Small and portable, it has a wide range of applications. It can collect four-finger fingerprints and single-finger rolling fingerprints. It has passed the international FBI IAFIS IQS APP.F certification and China’s GA certification, and fully meets the “10-finger fingerprint collector and software user organization requirements”. It is suitable for applications such as the issuance of electronic ID documents and personnel identification.
About Green Bit
Greenbit was founded in 1989. The company is located in the beautiful city of Turin, at the foot of the western Alps. It initially designed electronic circuit boards for high-end wireless applications.
Greenbit strictly follows the B2B business model and provides a series of live fingerprint collection products for system integrators and solution providers worldwide. Our value proposition is: high-quality live fingerprint collection products, easy-to-integrate software development kits, competitive price positioning, and rapid mass production capabilities. This makes Greenbit’s live finger/palmprint collection product the best choice for finger/palmprint collection.

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