“The banks and the industry are suffering significantly – as are customers – with the amount of fraud that happens with cards and PINs. But a fingerprint can’t be forged.” – Sergio Rainero, COO, Green Bit

With banks increasingly adopting biometric technologies to protect against fraud, Green Bit is highlighting its DactyID20 solution’s applications in the financial services sector.

The company has taken its prompt from Mastercard’s recent trials of biometric payment cards, which use fingerprint sensors embedded on the cards for user authentication, instead of the traditional PIN. While Mastercard is the biggest financial services firm leading the charge in this area, a number of organizations involved in the biometrics, payments, and payment cards sectors are clearly anticipating widespread adoption of this kind of technology.

In a statement, Green Bit COO Sergio Rainero lauded the move as an important step in today’s security environment. “The banks and the industry are suffering significantly – as are customers – with the amount of fraud that happens with cards and PINs,” he said, “But a fingerprint can’t be forged.”

And, of course, complementary to this effort and financial services firms’ growing enthusiasm for biometrics, is Green Bit’s DactyID20, an FBI/PIV-certified fingerprint scanner featuring a built-in spoofing detection system. It’s a solution that can also be leveraged by banks in an age when PIN-based security “has run its course,” as Green Bit puts the matter.

About Green Bit

Green Bit Biometric Systems S.p.A., headquartered in Turin (Italy), designs, develops and markets a complete product line of FBI certified fingerprint scanner starting from single finger, rolled, DactyScan84c 10-print up to palm Livescan systems. Green Bit is in the market space since 1997 with a long track record of successful installations worldwide. To date Green Bit is the only 100% European Livescan manufacturer providing a full product portfolio for Value Added applications and the Law Enforcement and Civil ID market.

Green Bit addresses all markets worldwide given our direct presence with subsidiaries in the US, China and Kazakhstan in addition to an expert network of Sales Agents around the globe. Recently Green Bit launched the brand new DactyID family with fingerprint anti-spoofing software feature. The DactyID family has been designed having in mind the fast expanding market of digital transactions and added value e-services, such as: Banking, Healthcare, Commerce, etc. It is a compact single-finger FAP 20 FBI/PIV livescan, offering a built-in patented liveness finger detection system.

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