04/27/2012The exclusivity of this card on the domestic market, in addition to its saturation with social applications (payment for travel in public transport, personification of social benefits, a discount program for paying for goods and services), consists in the possibilities of its widespread use for ordinary cashless payments in the trade and service network, as well as in a high level of security against unauthorized access to money. As stressed by Dmitry Gridzhuk, Chairman of the Board, “The card of the citizen of Kiev is the social contribution of Khreschatyk Bank to the good deed of supporting vulnerable sections of the population. Moreover, the bank, which conducts a socially responsible business, realizing the need for the quickest possible issuance of this tool to users, has joined the direct issuance of the Kiev Card in its metropolitan branches. Reception centers for residents of Kiev who are entitled to receive a social card in accordance with the lists of the city program “Care” are already being organized. So the process of issuing and receiving a card will be comfortable and will not take much time from Kiev. ”

Now the card can be obtained exclusively from Khreschatyk Bank, which won this right in the competition for servicing this municipal project, because it is ready for it organizationally, technologically, methodologically.

Konstantin Kuklev, General Director of the Plastic Card Enterprise LLC , noted: “The Kyivan’s card serves as the material carrier of personal data of the cardholder and supports applications related to the provision and accounting of social events and other information services. Moreover, the project was implemented on the basis of a Ukrainian-designed Pectoral ® chip module , which in turn was implemented on the basis of Java Card technology, which corresponds to the international standard Visa Global Platform 2.1.1 v2 and Visa International specifications. This means that to update the data on the card it is not at all necessary to reissue it. It is enough to do this online through the payment terminal. ”

“Such opportunities exist at Khreschatyk Bank,? emphasized Marina Nesterovskaya, director of the bank’s retail business department . ? We have our own processing center, which allows us to provide prompt unlimited issue of payment cards and printing of PIN envelopes, our own branded CashTan ATM network, which features the presence of “Khreschatyk” automatic “cashiers” at almost all stations of the Kiev Metro, in communal pharmacies, educational institutions . Do we have a sufficient number of ATMs of partner banks? almost 2.5 thousand. “


The public joint-stock company Khreschatyk Commercial Bank was registered in May 1993. It operates in accordance with the Charter of the bank, the current legislation of Ukraine and has a full NBU license No. 158 dated 10/11/11 for conducting banking operations in the domestic and international financial markets. The audit of the bank’s financial activities in accordance with international standards is carried out by international audit companies, in particular PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Has the highest reliability rating a. 1 according to the independent rating agency Standard Rating and the high level of deposit safety, confirmed by the national agency Credit Rating, is among the 15 safest banks and the top three among the most stable banks, according to the weekly Contracts, ranks 6th in the ranking of the most transparent state banks, according to the domestic Credit Rating version. Winner of the All-Ukrainian contest Bank Trusted 2011 and the 3rd All-Ukrainian contest Bank of the Year 2011, winner of the Ukrainian Banker Awards 2011 contest in the nomination The Most Socially Oriented Bank.

Key financial indicators as of April 01, 2012: financial result – UAH 2.6 million, balance sheet capital – UAH 662.4 million, deposits of legal entities – UAH 1.76 billion, deposits of individuals – UAH 3.025 billion.

The network of bank institutions as of 01.04.12 was 153.

Information about the “Plastic Card Enterprise”

Plastic Card Enterprise LLC? a major Ukrainian manufacturer of plastic cards, certified by international payment systems Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide. The production capacity of the enterprise exceeds 150 million plastic cards per year, 250 million scratch cards and 100 million chip cards. It has at its disposal a powerful R&D department (Research & Development), whose specialists created and successfully implemented the multifunctional Card Operating System (COS), on the basis of which microprocessor SIM cards for mobile operators are produced, and since 2009, its own Visa EMV Pectoral card has been certified ® ( www.pectoral.ua ) and MasterCard Worldwide (since October 2011).


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