Newark, DE. (April 30, 2019) – SIC Biometrics, a world leading mobile biometric and identification device developer and manufacturer, is pleased to announce that they bring to market a new operational concept using smart watch in biometrics capture activities.

In its continuous efforts to simplify and enhance the field biometric related operations, SIC created the IdentiFI products that are interacting usually with smartphone, tablets, computer and which are use as the graphic user interface of biometric capture and for multiple other actions.

What if, the IdentiFI operators, only need to capture fingerprint and get a YES or NO match result?

The approach could be traditional with a LED or a small screen on the IdentiFI device….or something that can do more than that and can be easily personalized…. Let’s do it on a smart watch, said Eric Talbot, CEO of SIC Biometrics, during a Tuesday morning team brainstorming session.

‘’A good example of a use case for the IdentiFI Watch is a police officer that need to identify a person that doesn’t have something to proof his ID. The officer starts it IdentiFI Watch app in a second, wake-ups its IdentiFI device and he is ready to capture fingerprint in less than 5 seconds, said Andre De Luca, the program leader on the new wearable product line of SIC’’.

The IdentiFI Watch application can run on Wear OS from Google and watchOS, for the Apple watches.

In this example, the IdentiFI will be connected to the police vehicle terminal that will submit the fingerprint to the central matching system. The IdentiFI Watch application will also interact with the terminal, to initiate the IdentiFI commands and display the results on the watch screen.

‘’In other use cases, the smart watch can transmit directly to the central matching system the captured fingerprint through its built-in cellular communication capability…stated De Luca’’.

The terminal role can also be held by a smart phone or a tablet that transmits the captured data. In some offline scenarios, a high-end smartphone can be used as the matcher.

In resume, adding additional options to the mobile users in the field operations that help them to make faster and safer their job, is one of the key factors that is driving SIC Biometrics to continue to invest unparallel percentage of their revenues in innovation dedicated to the biometric and ID industry.

‘’We are very happy and excited to finally had time to go-live with the IdentiFI program and have SIC helping the US law enforcement community. For 2017 and 2018 SIC engineering efforts were concentrated to develop and manufacture 6 new products in collaboration with a biometric and ID global organization to create the next generation of capture solutions for hi-volume programs, stated Eric Talbot’’

The IdentiFI Watch, the new IdentiFI-30, the IdentiFI-50, all released in the last 15 days, will be in action in different booths of the Connect ID 2019. Come and meet SIC team members at the Integrated Biometrics Booth (# 111) on April 30th and May 1st.

About SIC Biometrics

SIC Biometrics Inc. ( was established in Virginia in 2012. It is the American branch of SIC Biometrics Global Inc., which was established in Quebec, Canada in 1999. All SIC products, design, firmware, and software are developed and manufactured in North America by SIC team members. SIC technologies have been deployed and used by over 50 million people. Our clients and members seek the accurate verification of identities in financial services, justice systems, as well as food and social services in the Americas, Western Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Since its formation in 1999, SIC has been driving innovation in the biometrics industry.

SIC has 20 years of experience in pioneering advanced biometrics and ID solutions. Additionally, we have been one of the top global biometric/ID mobile product manufacturers since 2009 with the Touch Prox, IFMID iOS devices, All-in-One and IdentiFI products.

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