NEW YORK, Feb. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB:SMME) – Having developed a biometric protected fingerprint activated credit card SmartMetric ®  has used its advanced miniaturized biometric scanner-in-a-card technology to produce a first of its kind, multi-function cyber/network access card combined with secure building entry and identity verification all on one card.  The card has the SmartMetric ® biometric reader built inside that is used to instantly validate the card holder and in turn switch on the cards functions.

The SmartMetric ® biometric card is as thin as a credit card.  Unlike the bulky doorway security cards in common use today.  The same card has a FIPS approved smart card chip allowing it to be used for high level security access of computer networks in offices or over the internet from remote locations.

Companies and Government at the moment have to have two separate cards.  One for network log-on and another much thicker card for doorway access.  SmartMetric has combined both functions into one card the size and most importantly the thickness of a standard credit card.  That also has built inside the card biometric technology that uses a person’s fingerprint to turn on the cards functions.

To find out more about the amazing SmartMetric ® biometric security card please contact one of the SmartMetric ® distributors listed below.

SmartMetric biometric cards are available to Banks in the United States through SmartMetric’s industry distributor, PROTEC Secure Card. PROTEC Secure Card (PSC), based in New Jersey, USA for South America, contact Hogier Gartner & CIA. S.A.

For more information concerning the new biometric secured credit and security card from PSC please contact Tracey Breckenridge at

For sales in South America contact HOGIER GARTNER & CIA S.A. Alvaro Gartner Valencia at

SmartMetric is a leading company in the field of biometrics using fingerprint scanning.  It manufacturers a super thin fingerprint reader that fits inside credit card thin cards, for payments and security.

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