WEST CHESTER, Pa., March 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — XCore Technologies has introduced a proprietary metal card design coupled with its proprietary encapsulation process to overcome the shortcomings of earlier generations of Metal Dual Interface (DI) cards. With the current suite of competitors’ metal cards, the metal interferes with the antennae making it difficult to execute contactless transactions. XCore Technologies’ Metal Core and full Metal cards solve this problem. They behave just like any standard Dual Interface PVC cards allowing users to swipe, insert, or tap from any orientation.

XCore’s proprietary Metal Card Prelaminate Core Sheet is fully compatible with standard and customary hot lamination card manufacturing processes, thus enabling the card manufacturer to offer card issuers sophisticated dual interface capabilities in premium Metal Cards that meet their design guidelines.

This new Metal Card technology is fully compatible with the performance requirements specified by the payment network operators. An added benefit of XCore Technologies’ Metal Cards with Dual Interface capabilities is that they can be produced at high-scaled volumes and lower price points.

Said Mark Cox, President, “XCore Technologies’ ISO and EMVCo compliant metal dual-interface card products represent the attainment of a critical technical milestone. Through the application of unique metallurgies and manufacturing processes, our engineering team has created a unique product that meets the need for dual interface capability in a premium metal card. Our range of hot lamination process compatible metal card products, edge-to-edge metal cards, and encapsulated metal cards provide the card manufacturer with price point options to meet card issuer’s needs.”

About XCore Technologies

Founded in 2005 by its current president, Mark Cox, XCore Technologies is the first component supplier to enable the Card Manufacturer to produce high margin specialty and powered cards enabled by their commercially proven hot lamination compatible pre-laminate core sheet components.

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