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BIOSID v1 Mobile Identity Solutions
BIOSID v2 Mobile Identity Solutions
BIOSID Pro v1 Mobile Identity Solutions
DactyScan 84c – 10-Print Fingerprint Scanner
CardLogix Smart Card Solutions
Instant Smart Card Biometric ID Card Issuance System
Tactivo – Smart Card Reader and Fingerprint Sensor
VistaFA2 – Iris and Face Biometric Capture Camera
VistaEY2H Dual Iris Biometric Capture Camera
VistaEY2 – Dual Iris and Face Biometric Camera

Cards & Related Information

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ATMobility – Secure Online Transactions
Card Substrate Options
CardLogix Card Validator – Instant Visual Card Validation
CardLogix Holofoil Card
CardLogix MOST Card – Microprocessor Smart Card Family
CardLogix ReadyStart Secure Cards
CDplus ConnectCard – Interactive Multimedia Multi-Application SIM Card Solution
Complete Your System
Empower Your Vision with Smart Cards
Graphics and Security Printing Guide
Increase Your Revenue
Issues in Smart Card Development
PIV Card (Dual Interface FIPS 201)
Security Design Options
Smart Card Selection Guide
SIM Cards
Smart Cards with Coupons
Two-Factor Authentication White Paper
USB Connect Card – Interactive Multimedia Multi-Application Card Solution

Development Tools

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CardLogix Geode SIM Applet Software Development Kit
CardLogix MOST Toolz – Microprocessor Card Development Kits
CardLogix MOST Toolz Biometric – Fingerprint Kit
CardLogix Printplex – Smart Card API and Coupler
CardLogix Smart Toolz – Smart Card Development Kit
CardLogix VirtuoSimo – Universal Wireless Development Test and Debugging Tool
SCM @MAXX – Multifunctional Secure Storage Token
SCM @MAXX lite – Multifunctional Secure Storage Token
SCM @MAXX prime – Multifunctional Secure Storage Token

Gaming Solutions

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Age Verification for Online Gaming White Paper
Age Verification for Online Gaming with Multi-Factor Authentication
Cashless Gaming Evolution from TITO to Smart Cards
Gaming and Smart Cards Presentation
Multi-Factor Age Verification for Online Gaming: How it Works
Multi-Factor Age Verification for Online Gaming Presentation
Online Gaming Legalization with Protection for Minors, Adult Players, Problem Gamers FAQ
Smart Cards for Gaming and Hospitality
Smart Cards for Online Connectivity
Why Smart Cards for Gaming and Hospitality

Healthcare Solutions

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Smart Cards for Embedded Healthcare
Smart Cards in Healthcare Informatics

Identity Solutions

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American Identity Solutions – Identity Vetting Services
BIOSID Mobile Identity Solutions
CardLogix CEE Connect Kit
CardLogix e-Passport
CardLogix FastCheck – ID Card Validation Software
CardLogix idblox – Identity Credential Ecosystem
CardLogix PassCheck – Credential Validation Software
CardLogix Troposphere – Identity Server
Identity Solutions
Micro Booking Station – Entry-Level ID Enrollment System
Passport for Credential Components

Loyalty and Stored Value Solutions

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Driving Successful Card Loyalty and Stored Value Programs White Paper

Readers & Terminals

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Exadigm NeoSmart Portable Smart Card Terminal
FS65 – Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
MC250 – Fingerprint Scanner and Smart Card Reader
SCL010 – Multi-Protocol Contactless Smart Card Reader
SCL3711 – Contactless NFC Mobile Reader
SCR243 – PCMCIA Smart Card Reader
SCR331 – USB Smart Card Reader
SCR333 – Internal USB Contact Smart Card Reader
SCR335 – USB Smart Card Reader
SCR3310 – USB Smart Card Reader
SCR3311 – Vertical USB Smart Card Reader
SCR3320 – Mobile USB Token and SIM Card Reader
SCR3340 – ExpressCard Smart Card Reader
TF35 – Ultra-Portable Smart Card Reader

Smart Card Printers

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Evolis Pebble 4

Smart Partner Program

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IDeal Partner Marketing Program
SIMply Smart Partner Program


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Card Encoding Engine – Card Personalization Software
CardLogix FastCheck
CardLogix PassCheck
GIERS – Identity Enrollment and Processing
Power LogOn – Smart Card Password Manager
S@T Manager
Sphinx Logon Manager

Transportation Solutions

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Transportation Solutions