IRVINE, CA, November 24, 2015 — CardLogix, a leading supplier of smart cards and software, introduces PassCheck™, ID Credential Validation Software for Passport and MRTD verification. As the world has become increasing less secure, the need for more comprehensive border security and compliance across many industries has increased.  As demonstrated by continued terrorist activities, existing credential validation is not reliable, and added security is urgently required. PassCheck is a simple, flexible out –of- the-box, ICAO-focused product that solves these challenges.  PassCheck securely validates an ICAO travel document with these features:

  • Digital Certificate Matching Traveler to Issuing Country
    The software fully supports ePassport PKI Validation. PassCheck reads credential data from an Identity Credential chip, decrypts it, and then validates the credential’s data and signature with the stored Digital Certificate against the ICAO Public Key Directory (Published certificates for each country)
  • Wide Range of Supported Biometric Modalities
    PassCheck matches the presenter’s identity against the credential by displaying and verifying a biometric modality Support currently includes photo ids, faceprint signature, fingerprints, and irises, which are stored in the credential’s smart card chip
  • Optional Optical Matching and Verification
    Working with scanners and readers from Access IS and many others, PassCheck optically scans a credential, and then uses key forensic tests to compare the image against known exemplars for verification
  • Document Logging and Export
    Traveler entries and exits are logged, as well as image information correlated to the control person that runs the system.

Applications include border control, financial ID, and casino/gaming compliance. Two versions are available: PassCheck for Windows™ which works with all supported readers/scanners, and PassCheck for Unity™. The Unity Handheld Biometric Capture and Verification solution is from Corvus Integration.

Other Key Features of PassCheck Include

  • An easy, intuitive user interface
  • Full support for 2- and 3-line MRZ decoding
  • Optional optical authentication when used with readers that have that capability
  • Optional sanctions lists and PEP compliance data
  • Biometric functions built to ANSI 378, ICAO 9303, NISTR 6529-A, ISO/IEC 19794-4

PassCheck – The Newest Member of the idblox® Ecosystem

PassCheck is an idblox® ecosystem product. The idblox® ecosystem consists of companies and products that streamline the creation and use of an high security ID Credential via common data structures built with out-of-the-box components that require no programming. PassCheck was designed to integrate smoothly within the idblox ecosystem and with related products from CardLogix, such as the Card Encoding Engine® and M.O.S.T. Microprocessor Cards® that fully support ICAO standards.

More About PassCheck

PassCheck for Windows™ is available now, and sells for an MSRP of $900. The PassCheck for Unity™ Bundle is available now, and sells for an MSRP of $1,400. For more information, contact CardLogix at and +1 949- 380-1312, Sales Department ext., 102 and 100.

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