LONDON, UK, January 24, 2011 — CardLogix, a leading manufacturer of smart player cards and software, has developed a new solution for online identity management, called Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). This solution combines the capture of biometrics and smart player cards to more reliably confirm the identity and age of an online gambler. Multi-factor authentication enables real-time identity and age verification by confirming a stored biometric, such as a fingerprint or facial scan, to a live one, captured via a camera or scanner. This easy-to-use and affordable solution is highly foolproof in preventing underage play. CardLogix is demonstrating Multi-factor authentication at ICE Totally Gaming in London, 1/24-26, Space 3426.

A Solution for a New Era in Online Gaming

The MFA Solution was developed in response to the urgent need to protect minors as online gaming continues to expand throughout the world. Governments and operators alike are concerned that, unlike brick and mortar casino properties, online gaming is much harder to manage and to keep legally compliant. Minor play is highly prevalent, even in jurisdictions that have been legal for some time. In the United Kingdom, the Gamcare Association estimates that underage players are three times more likely to develop problematic gaming than adults.

An approach currently used to verify player identity, the Query Method, utilizes several static, tangential points of personal information to determine player eligibility. These identity factors only approximate age, are statically maintained with few updates, and can be easily used fraudulently, since the identity data is not tied irrefutably to the person it is linked to. The CardLogix MFA Solution ties Biographic data, such as a Driver License, with Biometric data, such as a fingerprint, at the time a player is first enrolled, and matches the two at every logon. The biometric matching is sophisticated and cannot be fooled with static images or facsimiles of fingerprints.

More About The CardLogix MFA Solution

The MFA Solution can be set-up at a casino property or another third party location as part of a Players Club Enrollment. The card functions as a regular Players Card, accumulating and deducting player winnings. To enroll,
the guest submits a picture ID and gets their photo taken or fingerprint scanned. In minutes, the data is incorporated into a Player Card that is issued to the guest for immediate use. When the player goes online, they download the Play application and register. To confirm identity and age, a compact webcam or fingerprint scanner is used by the Player to match the stored and encrypted identity data to the live biometric capture. Once the Player identity is authenticated, that data remains locked in the card and is only accessed for that function. The card itself is then authenticated via the Cloud as legitimate, and logon is completed.

About CardLogix Corporation

CardLogix secures digital identity with smart cards and software for the safe transaction of identity, data, and value. CardLogix smart cards are found throughout the world in Gaming, National Identity, Healthcare, ePassport, and Voting applications. The company supplies cards and software to the worldwide gaming industry, which includes operators, equipment manufacturers, and developers. For more information, e-mail or call +1.949.380.1312.

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