Las Vegas, NV, November 13, 2000 – CardLogix, a leading manufacturer of smart cards and software, announces the latest version of Winplex™ middleware. Winplex is a powerful 32-bit Application Program Interface (API) for the creation and management of a smart card system (CMS). The middleware enables the integration of multiple system elements, such as pin pad readers, motorized readers and magnetic-stripe card readers. This allows smart card system designers to incorporate a variety of reading and writing devices into their IT design.  With Winplex, much greater functionality than PC/SC alone is added to the system without the need for additional drivers. Winplex also features a complete memory card interface, further expanding card choices.

In this new version (1.10), Winplex has been extended to work within the guidelines of PC/SC that is native to the Microsoft Windows 2000® architecture.  Winplex compliments, as well as extends, PC/SC capability, producing a more complete smart card system solution.  At the COMDEX Fall Microsoft Partners Pavilion, L5142, CardLogix is featuring Winplex, one of several middleware solutions designed to speed and ease smart card application development. CardLogix middleware commands are annotated to support the Visual Basic, C++ and Delphi design environments.

CardLogix  Winplex™ Expands The PCSC Smart Card Architecture

The Winplex API is the only smart card middleware currently available that enables system design with support for multiple card types, including memory and microprocessor. Multiple reader types such as Serial, Kiosk, P.C.M.C.I.A., Keyboard Wedge and magnetic-stripe are supported, as well as multiple readers on the same PC.  This is all accomplished with a single command set.  For secure smart card applications, Winplex supports Key Management, DES and Triple DES encryption and the SHA 1 Authentication Algorithms.

Winplex gives designers the power to link smart cards into larger distributed management systems, for example intranets and retail accounting systems, without performing time-consuming low-level serial port programming.
Winplex sells for $99.  Winplex is also available as part of the $99 M.O.S.T. Toolz® upgrade to the Smart Toolz® Card Development Kit (SDK), which sells for $299.  Version 1.10 of Winplex is available Q1 2001. For more information on Winplex and to order, contact CardLogix at

About CardLogix

CardLogix Corporation, a Microsoft Smart Card Program Member, is a leading U.S. manufacturer of smart cards and software, providing advanced technology platforms for the transaction of value and data. Founded in 1994, CardLogix provides cards and software to leading integrators in financial, healthcare and entertainment applications throughout the world.  Contact CardLogix at,  and (949)380-312.