Las Vegas, NV, March 5, 2001 – CardLogix, a leading provider of smart card technology for movie theater POS, announced today that North American Cinemas, Inc. (NACI) will be expanding its installations of the CardLogix Movie Gold smart cards and software for theater ticketing and loyalty. This expansion marks the first major deployment of this technology in movie theaters in the U.S. The CardLogix technology is the backbone of a comprehensive POS solution that has been successfully deployed in NACI’s Roxy Theater. Starting in May, NACI will expand the system into existing and new theaters in its chain, located throughout the U.S. In all, nine theater locations will feature this innovative smart card system that automates ticketing, builds customer loyalty and earns additional profit. Up to 200,000 cards are set to be issued by June of 2002.

The Movie Gold card and software integrates with a state-of-the-art POS system from Electronic Creations and is featured at the ShoWest tradeshow in Las Vegas 3/5-8, where CardLogix is exhibiting in Booth 710.

Dan Tocchini, president of NACI, commented that the initial Roxy rollout was very successful. “Our customers love skipping long lines to buy tickets and we noticed a definite increase in business.” Tocchini also noted that the system is working well and can be easily upgraded to add customer incentives as well as demographic data. “We plan to add Internet access by the end of the year, making the card incredibly versatile and useful for our customers”.

Stored Value, Loyalty And More

For all NACI theaters equipped with the system, the card can be used at the box-office counter, concession stand and a self-serve kiosk. At the kiosk, a customer simply inserts the card, selects the movie and show time they prefer and takes their tickets. The system automatically deducts the transaction and value from the stored balance. The card is easy to ”refill’ via a credit or ATM card. Even easier, at-home Internet access is a planned feature.

This secure and easy ticket purchasing motivates frequent purchases by customers. In addition, NACI realizes float on unused balances and leverages value on card balances that are never used. The card data is highly secured, featuring sophisticated encryption technology to protect each transaction and value balance.

The Movie Gold platform transforms a movie ticket into a key marketing tool for a theater with the power and versatility of smart card technology. CardLogix partners with many independent integrators to deploy its latest advances into competitive advantage for the movie theater industry.

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CardLogix is a leading U.S.-based provider of smart card platforms for the secure transaction of data and value. The CardLogix smart card technology platform is the basis for innovative applications throughout the world in retail POS, healthcare, security, finance and entertainment. For more information on the Movie Gold smart card platform, contact CardLogix at and (949) 380-1312.