Smart Card Solutions

CardLogix provides off-shelf software solutions for a variety of popular smart card applications such as Single Sign-On, Employee Time Recording, Patient Health Record Management, Mobile Identity Verification, and more. CardLogix’ smart cards can work with multiple applications for multi-functional ID badges, payment cards, or other.

Volume discounts and customized packaging and card printing is available.

    • Complete Solution: Hardware, Software and Cards Included
    • Mobile Biometric Identity Verification + Mobile Enrollment
    • IP67 Rugged Handheld Device with Lightweight Feel
    • Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof, Drop-Resistant
    • WiFi, GSM Cellular Services, and Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Multi-Modal Biometrics: Fingerprints, Iris, Faceprint, Signature
    • Onboard Smart Card Encryption for Secured Biometrics Storage
    • Multi-Factor Authentication with 1:1 Biometric Matching
    • Digital Display of Cardholder Information
    • Write to Smart Card Directly or Send to Remote Location
    • Features Contact & Contactless M.O.S.T. Card® Smart Cards
    • idblox® Compliant for Seamless Connectivity to idblox Products
    • Standard and Custom Versions Available

    Call +1-949-380-1312 for Pricing and Options

    • Instant Issuance Smart Card Personalization, Printing and Encoding
    • No Custom Programming Required to Encode Variable or Static Data to:
      • M.O.S.T. Card® Microprocessor Smart Cards
      • MIFARE DESFire EV1/2
      • 1D/2D Barcodes and QR codes
      • MRZs (Machine Readable Zones)
      • Magnetic stripes (HiCo & LoCo)
    • Inline Biometric Enrollment and Smart Card Issuance
    • Seamless Data Import and Export Connectivity
    • Graphic Card Personalization for Variable and Fixed Objects
    • Unique Cost-Saving Utilities
    • User-Friendly Point-and-Click & Drag-and-Drop Interface
    • Cornerstone to the idblox™ ID Credential Ecosystem
    • Custom Software Options Available
    • Compatible with Matica, Evolis, and Zebra ID Card Printers
  • This product is discontinued.

    • Portable and Secured Electronic Health Records (EHR)
    • Critical, On-Demand Data for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
    • Smart Card Stores Patient Data (Secured in Chip)
    • Patient Privacy with Decentralized Records
    • Non-Duplication of Records Prevents Medical Errors
    • Multi-Factor Authentication Prevents Fraud
    • Hospital, Doctor, and Insurance Administration
    • Complete System with Modular Software Options
    • HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliant
    • Supports CardLogix' M.O.S.T. Card® Technology
    • Instant ID Card Validation and Identity Verification
    • Instant Read/Write Smart Card Functionality
    • Displays Cardholder Information from Smart Card Chip
    • Mobile and Remote Enrollment Available
    • Built for Smart Card Technology (Contactless NFC & Contact)
    • Mobile and Desktop Versions Available
    • Optional Live Biometric Matching
    • Supports M.O.S.T. Card® Microprocessor Smart Cards
    • Available for Android and Windows Devices
      CardLogix will send you contactless NFC/RFID FastCheck Demo Cards for read/write functions from the demo application. Call: +1 949-380-1312   |   Email: [email protected]
  • This product is discontinued.

    • Instantly Reads, Decrypts and Displays credential and presenter data from smart chip
    • Validates the digital signature against published certificates from each country
    • Authenticates the identity of the presenter against biometrics (e.g. photo, signature, fingerprints, iris, or face) stored in the credential's smart card chip
    • Verifies the authenticity of ID Credentials with optional optical authentication
    • Provides optional watchlist and PEP compliance
    • Offers an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface

    Custom Options Available

    Call Us +1.949.380.1312
    • Multi-Factor Authentication with CardLogix' MOST® Smart Cards
    • Password Management - MFA Secured and Centralized
    • Access Control Before and After the Firewall
    • HIPAA Compliant for Secure Healthcare
    • Easy, No-Risk Set Up, 90-day Money Back Guarantee
    • Optional Biometric Authentication
    • Multi-Application Smart ID Badge
    "This authentication tool is simple to set up and use, but the biggest selling point might be workable password management across the enterprise." - Roger Grimes, Columnist CSO. Read Full Review Here
  • This product is discontinued.