Green Bit

Green Bit Biometric Enrollment SolutionsGreen Bit offers feature-rich Livescans and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for all applications requiring standard compliance fingerprint enrollment, fingerprint card-scanning or fingerprint verification

Founded back in 1989, in the beautiful city of Turin, directly at the feet of the West-Alps, Green Bit initially started out to design high-end electronic boards for wireless applications.

After being acquired by then and current CEO, Adriano De Luca, in 1997 Green Bit underwent a radical transformation, fully re-focusing her activities to fingerprint biometrics. The first step was to integrate and acquire all necessary talents and resources to be completely independent from third party technologies, keeping the development and IP of all concerned technologies in house. Full control concerning IP and R&D was mandatory in order to address a completely new market, which was still in its early beginnings, but would eventually turn into the billion dollar market place we know today. In 1999, years of extensive research and development resulted in Green Bit’s first line of products for physical access control soon after starting with countrywide deployments at banking institutions.

In the wake of the tragic events of the year 2001, resulting in global initiatives related to new and more secure means of personal identification, Green Bit decided to leverage on her extraordinary know-how in the field of high-end fingerprints biometrics to address the standardized and severely Gov’t regulated biometric market with a complete new product line for the exploding National ID and Law Enforcement market space.

The first great success with the new product line arrived in 2004, when to Green Bit and her partners has been awarded one of the biggest Law Enforcement deals in the industry by that time. several hundreds Palm-Livescans have been delivered to the Italian National Police, eventually establishing Green Bit amongst the very few competitors in the high-end and FBI certified fingerprint business. Since then, Green Bit constantly improved and expanded her product portfolio, revenues and market share with several large volume deployments all around the globe, proudly catering today to more than 70 countries and several hundreds of customers who trust Green Bit and her Livescan offer.

With an ever growing market, in 2007 the decision was made to establish several direct presences in strategic markets. By opening subsidiaries in the US, China and Central Asia Green Bit managed to stay closely to her customer base, thus learning from their experience and better understanding their needs. The gathered experience has been proven crucial to steadily innovate and improve the product thus providing a competitive edge to all of our partners whenever fingerprinting comes into play.

Green Bit is strictly dealing B2B, offering our Livescan portfolio to system integrators and solution providers worldwide. Our value proposition of high quality Livescans, easy-to-integrate SDKs and aggressive price positioning combined with fast mass production capacities, makes Green Bit the supplier of choice whenever fingerprint acquisition is involved. DactyScan84c