BasicCard® is the first smart card programmable in BASIC.

The BasicCard operating system takes care of all the communications for you. It will even encrypt and decrypt the commands and responds if you ask it to. All you have to do is specify a different two-byte ID for each command that you define. (If you are familiar with ISO/IEC 7816-4Interindustry commands for interchange, you will know these two bytes as CLA and INS, for Class and Instruction.)

    • Privacy Is Maintained – Portable authentication device is ideal for individual log-on to personal computers where confidentiality is a concern
    • User Convenience – Badge and reader allow freedom of movement with high-speed, secure log-on through Bluetooth® connection
    • Secure Design – Providing both visual security and logical access security to a computer hands-free
    • Highly Secure – 128-bit encryption of Bluetooth connection between reader and host
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    • Versatile Applications – Ideal for end-user environments using both contactless and contact smart card technology
    • Fast Contactless Transmission – Supports contactless smart cards up to 848 Kbps in fastest ISO 14443 A/B
    • Designed for User Convenience – Housing design is optimized for advanced contactless applications
    • Readily Compliant – Supports HID® iCLASS® and MIFARE® as well as ISO 14443 A/B and ISO 15693
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