Logical Access

Logical Access controls are tools and protocols used for identification, authentication, authorization, and accountability in computer information systems. Logical access is often needed for remote access[disambiguation needed] of hardware and is often contrasted with the term “physical access“, which refers to interactions (such as a lock and key) with hardware in the physical environment, where equipment is stored and used.

    • 100 x Blank White PVC Java Chip Cards
    • On Hand and Available Immediately
    • 72 Kilobyte Memory Capacity
    • Java Card 2.2.1 Platform
    • GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
    • Generic Java 2, No Applets Installed
    • Custom Card Options Available
    * Free shipping within the United States * Contact us for international orders or card samples * Learn more about our Java Card Programming Services * Learn more about CardLogix' Return Policy  
  • Certificate-Based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Credential for Microsoft® Minidriver (MD)

    • Priced for small-to-medium sized deployments from 100 to thousands of cards
    • Eliminates multiple credentials and simplifies support
    • Interoperable with existing minidriver-compatible products
    • Open-standard, dual-interface, two-factor authentication
    • No need for expensive software
    • Multi-Factor Authentication with CardLogix' MOST® Smart Cards
    • Password Management - MFA Secured and Centralized
    • Access Control Before and After the Firewall
    • HIPAA Compliant for Secure Healthcare
    • Easy, No-Risk Set Up, 90-day Money Back Guarantee
    • Optional Biometric Authentication
    • Multi-Application Smart ID Badge
    "This authentication tool is simple to set up and use, but the biggest selling point might be workable password management across the enterprise." - Roger Grimes, Columnist CSO. Read Full Review Here
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