HID OMNIKEY CardMan® 3821 USB Smart Card Reader

HID OMNIKEY CardMan® 3821 USB Smart Card Reader


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The HID OMNIKEY® 3821 smart card reader offers all the trusted performance of OMNIKEY readers in a robust housing. Featuring a keypad for secure PIN (Personal Identification Number) entry, the reader is able to display messages from the application and has a display with two lines indicating the secure mode with a special sign. The commands for the Secure PIN Entry (SPE) can also be given in five languages by default.

Featuring Common Criteria EAL3+ security certification, the OMNIKEY 3821 is designed to safeguard against viruses, worms or phishing attacks. The content on the smart card is protected by a PIN to prevent unauthorized copying or use of the information stored on the card. Sensitive data is neither stored on the PC nor communicated via insecure PC/reader connection, but remains within the smart card/reader environment.

Easy to install, the OMNIKEY 3821 desktop PIN pad reader is ideally suited for online banking and digital signature applications, as well as other online transactions, loyalty programs and healthcare solutions.

Usage within an application is based on standardized interfaces like PC/SC, OCF (Open Card Framework) or CT-API.

Meets the major standards of any financial institution, including ISO 7816, EMV 2000, Java Card, Microsoft WHQL, USB, CCID, PC/SC, HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface), and PC-2001 Specification

Supports all major operating systems

Graphical display with 2 x16 characters and secure mode indicator

SPE support for multiple languages (including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish)

Complies with all relevant international industry standards

Features a robust housing and optimized with an extra long USB cable for added convenience