Key Features:

  • Meets GSA FIPS 201 requirements
  • Plug and Play, USB connection
  • High Performance
  • Multiple Standing base options (Vertical or Horizontal configurations), Adhesion option to mount to any PC monitor


The HID OMNIKEY® 5121 is a dual interface PC-linked reader that will read/write to both a 13.56 MHz RFID contactless smart card and virtually any contact smart card. The dual interface feature economically supports end-user environments where both contactless and contact smart card technology may be in use. The reader supports contactless smart cards with up to 424 kbps in ISO 14443 transmission mode with its driver base identical to the OMNIKEY® 5321.

Using HID’s iCLASS technology, users can read the unique serial number from their iCLASS card and can read/write to the non-HID application area. The read/write feature allows users to store passwords and other data associated with the implementation of logical access. Information can be securely encrypted and stored on the iCLASS card and then submitted automatically for use with the appropriate applications. Users simply need to present their iCLASS card to the OMNIKEY 5121 smart card reader to unlock the power of their iCLASS card!

Purpose of a Dual Interface Reader

Many end-users currently use a contactless smart card for building access, as a corporate or student ID, or for transit or cashless vending applications. The OMNIKEY 5121 provides an economical means for end-users to implement new PC-linked applications without having to re-badge. The addition of contact smart card capability allows for future expansion as needs change or as users within the facility require different levels of security or functionality. Should you require contact smart card functionality only, OMNIKEY offers a diversified product portfolio that is designed to support any smart card on any computer for any application.

Supported Applications

The OMNIKEY 5121 allows users to experience the convenience, speed, and security of contactless technology for applications including log-on to Windows®, networks, websites, and applications or the secure storage of user names, passwords, and personal information. The use of contactless smart card technology for PC-linked applications is limited only to your imagination!

Contactless Smart Cards Supported

The CardMan 5121 is based on a 13.56 MHz contactless smart card RFID interface that is compliant with ISO specifications 14443 A and B and 15693. The reader works with a variety of 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards including, but not limited to:

MIFARE®, DESFire®, MIFARE ProX®, and i.code
• Texas Instruments: TagIT®
• ST Micro: x-ident, SR 176, SR 1X 4K
• Infineon: My-d (in secure mode UID only)
Atmel: AT088RF020, AT88SC1616C, AT24C512C
• KSW MicroTech: KSW TempSens

The Omnikey 5121 is compatible with CaC, PIV, CIV, Java Card and all T=0/1 smart cards.

Omnikey 5121 has been replaced by the Omnikey 5422