ID Grade Polycarbonate Card CR80 30 Mil

ID Grade Polycarbonate Card CR80 30 Mil



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Introducing our highly secure and durable Polycarbonate ID-1 (CR80) Card, the ideal choice for high-security applications such as government-issued identification cards, driver’s licenses, and smart cards. Made from 100% polycarbonate, these cards offer a level of security that is unsurpassed in the plastic card industry.

With its multi-layer film construction and non-adhesive lamination process, our Polycarbonate (PC) Card is fused together using high temperature and pressure, creating a “monolithic block” that makes it nearly impossible for counterfeiters to tamper with the card without leaving visible evidence. The layers of film cannot be separated without damaging the card, providing added protection against tampering and counterfeiting.

Not only are these cards extremely secure, but they are also environmentally friendly and have the longest lifespan of any plastic card on the market. Our Polycarbonate Cards are perfect for use with retransfer and laser engraving printers, ensuring that the personalized card is tamper-proof and of the highest quality.

These cards are almost indestructible and can withstand short-term temperatures of up to 100 degrees, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, the secure chip embedding for smart cards is made possible by the multiple layers of the card, adding an additional layer of security.

Experience the unparalleled security and durability of our Polycarbonate CR80 Card for your high-security application needs.

National ID

The use of electronic chips in national ID cards is on the rise, and polycarbonate substrate material is an ideal choice to protect both the physical and digital data of citizen ID cards. With polycarbonate films, national ID cards can offer enhanced and layered security, lasting up to 10 years on average, becoming the industry standard for core government identification programs.

Driver license

Polycarbonate driver licenses offer numerous advantages, including increased durability and a more secure form of identification. This can help minimize the need for re-issuing cards during the program validity period, providing a better citizen experience.

Border crossing cards

For frequent travelers crossing borders by air, sea, or land, durable identification cards are a must. Border crossing cards made from polycarbonate material can withstand the rigors of heavy use, while also offering the latest security features during both construction and personalization stages.

More and more identification programs are turning to polycarbonate cards for their ability to enable layered security through differentiated security features that are unique to each citizen and traveler. Laser engraving on polycarbonate substrate can personalize both static and variable data, adding an extra layer of security to these high-security cards.


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Compatible to HID’s Fargo 82289 Ultra Card PC card