SCM SCL010 / SCL011 Contactless Smart Card Reader


SCM SCL010 / SCL011 Contactless Smart Card Reader

  • Multi-protocol 13.56MHz contactless reader:
    • ISO14443 type A & B
    • MIFARE®
    • FeliCa™
  • NFC Peer-to-peer communication
  • PC/SC compliant
  • SmartOS™ powered
  • In-field upgradeable firmware
  • Optional cradle or snap-on card holder
This product is discontinued.


The combination of a modern slim design together with its state of the art multi-protocol feature set makes the SCL010/SCL011 a perfect desktop reader choice to support various contactless applications.

It is suitable for electronic ID payment, public transportation schemes, and to interact with NFC-enabled devices. The SCL011 is designed to offer best-in-class interoperability with various formats of tokens, cards, dongles, watches or NFC mobile phones. Its in-field upgradeable firmware makes SCL011 a secure and future-proof investment providing both flexibility and fast time to market for new applications as well as minimum risk linked to contactless technology standards evolution. The SCL011 can be supported by middleware that sits above the PC/SC API and offers better portability of applications.

As a latest generation product, SCL011 can be supported by Identive’s middleware that sits above the PC/SC API and offers better portability of applications and abstraction of smart card related details that need to be handled by applications when they are developed on top of PC/SC API.

The SCM SCL010 / SCL011 contactless reader is discontinued and has been replaced by the Identiv uTrust 3700 F

SCM SCL010 Product Information Sheet