Identiv SCR243 PCMCIA Smart Card Reader (Discontinued)

Identiv SCR243 PCMCIA Smart Card Reader (Discontinued)

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This product has been discontinued.

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Key Features:

• ISO 7816 smart card reader
• PCMCIA type II slot
• Easy-to-install / remove
• Ideal for travellers due to its robust design
• Open-end mouth for convenient smart card insertion & removal
• In field firmware updates
• Compliant with all major smart cards and relevant industry standards
• Customization options: Company logo OEM branding on the label


The SCR243 PCMCIA reader will be integrated into notebooks and allows comfortable working without any interfering cables; hence, the reader is ideal for mobile users.

It is ISO 7816 compliant, fits into a standard PCMCIA type II slot, and offers an easy smart card insertion mechanism for cards in ID 1 card format. The SCR243 reader allows in-field firmware updates.

The SCR243 is compatible with CaC, PIV, CIV, Java Card and all T=0/1 smart cards.

SCM SCR243 Product Information Sheet

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