Key Features:

  • On-board flash for seamless firmware upgrades
  • EMV 2000 Level 1 and PC/SC certification in a single solution
  • High communication speed
  • Ergonomic and cost efficient design
  • Compliant with major smart cards and industry standards
  • Customization options: Casing color and company logo


The SCR3310 continues the line of Identive’s (formally SCM Microsystems) market-leading smart card readers based on the STC II smart card interface chip. The smart card reader is small and ergonomic USB smart card readers, with backside mounting holes. The card reader is ISO7816 compliant, and works with all major ISO7816 smart card in ID-1 (CR80) format. The smart card reader also allows in-field upgradeable firmware.

The SCR3310 smart card reader supports multiple security applications including PKI, digital signature and personal identification, all in a compact, mobile device. The SCR3310v2.0 card reader includes support for USB and all relevant security standards; the interface is CCID and PC/SC as well as EMV2000 Level 1 compliant. The EMV certification recommends the reader be used for applications with banking transaction or credit card payment.

Compact and elegant, the SCR3310 Smart Card Reader offers the best price/performance ratio in the market. Together, these features enable high performance, cost effective programs for secure logical access in any environment.

The SCR3310 is compatible with CaC, PIV, CIV, Java Card and all T=0/1 smart cards.

SCM SCR3310 Product Information Sheet