The Mighty All-in-One

  • Features contact, contactless, Lascom, and NFC tech
  • Supports mixed credential populations
  • Supports major card ICs, standards, and technologies
The Identiv uTrust 4701 F all in one concept enables a smooth transition from well-established traditional technologies into the emerging NFC applications pushing new business. Supporting ISO/IEC 7816 contact cards, 13.56 MHz contactless technology, and NFC, this PC-linked dual interface reader features end-user environments where virtually all kinds of credentials are being used, even in mixed populations.
The uTrust 4701 F represents the best-in-class interoperability and is a perfect mix between modern, stylish design and ergonomic use of any credential form factor like ID-1 smart cards, tokens, tags, dongles, watches or NFC smart phones. Its in-field upgradeable firmware makes the Identive CLOUD 4700 F a secure and future-proof investment, providing both flexibility and fast time to market for new applications as well as minimum risk linked to contactless technology standards evolution.
The end user experiences convenience, transaction time efficiency, security, flexibility and full NFC capability for use applications such as network log-on (Logical Access), secure web based transactions or even NFC based customer loyalty programs.
The end user experiences convenience, transaction-time efficiency, security, flexibility, and full NFC capability for use applications such as network log-on (Logical Access), secure web-based transactions, governmental use applications like online tax declarations, or even NFC-based customer loyalty programs.

Optional Accessory:
CLOUD 4701 F with an optional Stand Holder

  • User Convenience – even more end user friendly reader presentation
  • Flexibility – Best reader positioning and orientation for mounting situation and ease of use
  • Fitting ready – Desktop mounting option
  • Reader can be ordered with pre-assembled stand holder

The uTrust 4701 F replaces the Cloud 4700 F