L Plus Hardware Security Module (HSM) Card

L Plus Hardware Security Module (HSM) Card


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Hardware Security Modules (HSM) embedded IC Card provides cryptographic functions for secure transactions, ranging from cryptocurrency payment, digital signing services, and provisioning decryption. HSM can be employed in any application that uses digital keys. The architecture is very robust, and it can be hired at cryptocurrency exchanges and military government agencies where it needs high confidentiality.


  • Card-size Hardware Security Module
  • Cryptography
    • ECC (secp192k1/secp256k1/secp256r1/secp384r1/secp521r1)/ECDH/ECDSA
    • Curve25519/X25519/EdDSA
    • *Please contact us for RSA support.
  • Interfaces ISO 7816 , ISO 14443 A/B (*optional)
  • Ambient temperature -25°C to +85°C
  • Max save key number 1 or 100
  • Card size Plastic card (credit card size: 85.60mm x 53.98mm) SIM-sized card (standard 2FF/micro 3FF/nano 4FF)
  • Sign and Verify performance 2 sign/sec (ECDSA) 0.12 sign/sec (EdDSA)
  • Artwork can be replaced with your own.


Secret messaging, IoT messaging, cryptocurrency cold wallet for exchange or customer (BTC, LTC, BCH, MONA, ETH, XRP, XEM and other), document digital signature, DNSSEC


Create secret key (inside a chip), import secret key, get public key, sign, verify, key agreement, auth pin, pin change * without programming library (Windows/Linux/Android/iOS via BLE)


Command Reference
*NDA required