Matica Espresso II Desktop Card Printer

Compact and Scalable Card Printer and Encoder

Matica Espresso II Desktop Card Printer


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Compact and Powerful Desktop ID Card Printer

  • Single or double side edge-to-edge
  • Optional Magstripe and Smart Card encoder
  • Ethernet and optional WiFi
  • Prints up to 850 cards per hour
  • 100-card feeder

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In stock


The Matica Espresso II is a compact and powerful desktop ID card printer, that is a brainchild of Italian design & engineering and reflects German reliability in consistent performance. The Espresso II offers great value and versatility with extraordinary printing speed and outstanding print quality. With its robust and durable construction, the Espresso II looks and works great in any office or card production environment.

The Espresso II is a single side desktop ID card printer for projects needing printing only on one side. The Espresso can be field-upgraded to easily double the printing capacity with the duplex printing feature. Any Espresso II printer can evolve to duplex anytime, anywhere without the need to install additional hardware components. Contact and contactless smart card encoding are also field-upgradable features.

LED status indicators on the front of the printer allows you to monitor the card production process at a distance, and the blue LED light on the card hopper door keeps you aware of your card input availability in real time. You can also use optional single card manual insertion for individual card printing as needed. Each printer comes with a rear output hopper to catch full card runs as needed, which can improve the throughput speed in higher volume scenarios. In standard setup, having front-side input and output trays is also convenient for situations where space is limited, in a desktop environment, a cabinet or under a counter. Each Espresso II printer also has the option for inline magnetic stripe, contact chip or contactless smart card encoders, to maximize its functionality for a broader set of application uses, such as access control, time & attendance, payment services, and many more.

The entire line offers Ethernet connectivity and optional WiFi making printing and encoding convenient and trouble-free. You can easily define your printer and choose the one that perfectly matches your current needs, as Espresso II offers a vast range of options. Whether or not your requirements evolve in the future, you have still the possibility of making an upgrade by adding functionalities to your existing configuration.

The new printer line works perfectly for a wide variety of applications such as Employee and Membership ID Badges, Service and Benefits Cards, Gift and Loyalty Cards, Access Control Cards, Student IDs, and Transit Cards, just to name a few.

The Espresso II is available with different specifications ​— modules, encoding, color, etc..


CardLogix solutions and the Matica Espresso II ID card printer unite to provide endless application opportunities. From professional looking business cards to high security national ID programs, security access control systems and secure payment plans, the Espresso II can do it all. CardLogix provides high quality plastic cards with combination magnetic stripe (magstripe), contact and contactless smart card options to meet any of your card application’s security and functionality needs. With The Card Encoding Engine™, smart card encoding and card personalization can now be done faster and easier than ever before—without requiring the user to undergo any programming. The CardLogix M.O.S.T. Card® family provides affordable smart cards that range from 4k bytes of user memory to 144k bytes with advanced security features and multiple on-card application capabilities.

Applications Include:

Gaming, Casinos, and Hotel Casinos

Player’s Card: Player Tracking, TITO Replacement, Physical Access, and Secure Online Gaming -All On One Card!

School Campuses

Multi-application ID Cards for Room Access, Meal Plans, Time & Attendance, Test Taking and More

  • Student Identification
  • Teacher Identification
  • Staff Identification
  • Visitor Identification
  • Time and Attendance
  • Test Taking
  • Library Cards
  • Meal Plans and School Merchandise Purchase

High-Security Identification and Card Authentication

ID Cards for Government and Enterprises—Identification and Physical and Logical Access Control Systems

  • Voter ID
  • Civil ID
  • National ID
  • Visitor ID/ Alien ID
  • Employee ID
  • Physical Access Control Systems
  • Logical Access and Single Sign On

Healthcare Management and EHR

Multi-functional ID Cards for Staff and Patients

Encoding Options

Description Part Number
Allows you to run chip encoding on contact cards (via Chip PCTwin) and contactless cards (via Chip Omnikey)
Allows you to run chip encoding on contactless cards only (via Chip PCTwin)
Allows you to run chip encoding on contact cards only (via Chip Omnikey)
Allows you to run only on chip encoding contactless cards (via Chip Omnikey)
Allows you to run chip encoding using an encoding system off the printer
Allows you to run chip encoding with user-selected. Encoder boards other than those proposed by Matica

Magnetic Encoding

The magnetic encoder module is installed in factory and printers with this option are proposed with specific product codes.

The printer with MAG encoder compatible with ISO standards is available and, on request, the MAG printer that complies with JISII regulations for Japan may be available.


Technical Specifications
Technical Characteristics
  • Single-side or dual-side (*) printing module
  • Edge-to-edge printing
  • Color-dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer
  • 300 dpi printhead (11.8 dots/mm)
  • Up to 128MB of RAM
  • Drop-in ribbon carrier
  • The user-friendly Printer Driver and Printer Manager application facilitate access to and use of all printer functions.
Card Management
  • 100 card capacity in automatic input Hopper (0.76 mm – 30 mil)
  • 30 or 80 (*) card capacity in output Hopper (0.76 mm – 30 mil)
  • Exception card manual feeder (*)
  • Rear bin (*)
  • Card types: PVC and composite PVC cards, PET cards, ABS cards (*)
  • Card thickness: 0.25 to 1.25 mm (10 to 50 mil)
  • Card format: ISO CR80 – ISO 7810 (53,98 mm x 85,60 mm)
Card Types
  • All PVC, Composite PVC, ABS (varnished), PET
  • ISO CR80 – ISO 7810 (53,98 x 85,60 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.25 – 1.25 mm (10 – 50 mil)
  • Automatic detection and parameter setting
  • Smart Ribbon level memory and management
  • Smart Ribbon optimization in monochrome printing
Print Speed
  • Single-side Monochrome: up to 850 cph (*)
  • Single-side YMCKO: up to 260 cph (*)
  • Dual-side YMCKO-K: up to 160 cph (*) (*) In accordance with the document to be printed and print settings selected
Encoding       Magnetic encoder (read/write) 3-track HiCo/LoCo ISO 7811 and JIS II (On        request)
  • Smart card contact station ISO 7816-1, -2 (excluding Appendix B), -3, -4
  • Contact/Contactless encoders compatible with std Cards MIFARE®, MIFARE DESFire®, MOST Card, iCLASS® ICODE, ISO 14443 A&B, ISO 15693 and ISO 7816
  • LEDs
  • Graphic notifications: Empty feeder, cleaning, “approaching end-of-ribbon” and “end-of-ribbon” warnings
  • Printer driver
  • Printer Manager
  • Automatic Installer
  • EDIsecure® Connect Driver, IPM option (cluster), SDK
  • High-speed USB 2.0
  • Ethernet TCP-IP, 10BaseT, 100BaseT with Traffic LED (*)
  • WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g (*)
  • SD card slot (*)
  • Round connector for external encoding (*)
  • Slot for Kensington® lock Power Supply
  • Auto-switching external power supply unit with interchangeable power cords
  • Input 100-240 Volts AC, 50-60 Hz, 1.5 A
  • Output 24 Volts DC, 3.0 A
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Windows 8.x 32/64 bit
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit
Printer Includes
  • CD-ROM with printer driver, Printer Manager and user manual
  • Cleaning kit
  • USB cable
  • Power supply and cords
  • Reject bin
Dimensions and Weight
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 253 x 200 x 395 mm (9.61” x 7.7” x 15.35”) without reject bin
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 253 x 200 x 500 mm (
  • 9.61” x 7.7” x 19.69”) with reject bin
  • Weight: 6.6 kg
  • Packaged printer: 300 x 480 x 450 mm weight: 9.1 kg
Quality Standards
  • CE, UL, CQC
  • Standby mode and reduced power consumption
  • Sound pressure less than 48 dB (A) in operation mode (ISO 7779)
  • Min/max operating temperature: 15° / 30 °C (59° / 86 °F)
  • Humidity: 20% to 65% non-condensing
  • Min/max storage temperature: –5° / +70 °C (23° / 158 °F)
  • Storage humidity: 20% to 70% non-condensing
  • 2 years for printer and printhead

(*) Only in some models/options

Ribbons and Consumables

Matica EDIsecure® Consumables provide high quality printing and ease of use. Each printer automatically recognizes the ribbon type and knows exactly how to use it in the most optimized way.

Genuine Matica Ribbons provide status checks of the remaining ribbon and automatically alert when the ribbon is running low. Only EDIsecure® Consumables ensure maximum performance and maximum print head life.

Ribbon Type Part Number
Monochrome BLACK: 2000 prints PR000034
YMCKO : 200 prints PR000032
YMCKO : 200 prints standard PR000234
YMCKO : 250 prints – NOT available for MOCA PR000031
YMCKO : 250 prints standard – NOT available for MOCA PR000233
Color 1/2 YMCKO : 400 prints PR000166
Color 1/2 YMCKO : 400 prints standard PR000235
YMCKOK: 200 prints PR000033
Monochrome KO: 600 prints PR000165
Monochrome RED: 1.000 prints PR000098
Monochrome BLUE: 1.000 prints PR000100
Monochrome GREEN: 1.000 prints PR000099
Monochrome WHITE: 1.000 prints PR000101
Monochrome SILVER: 500 prints PR000162
Monochrome GOLD: 500 prints PR000163

Each Matica ribbon has an RFID tag with ribbon identification data that allows the printer to configure all the counting and optimization parameters and procedures.

It is strongly suggested to exclusively use original Matica ribbons. The use of non-original accessories
could damage the product and therefore void the factory warranty.

Cleaning Kits

Description Part Number
Regular cleaning kit PR000196
Service cleaning kit PR000197
Swabs kit x 50 PR000203
Cleaning pen kit x 12 PR000204
Ext. Cleaning cards kit x 100 PR000205
Ext. Cleaning cards kit x 100 PR000205
T-card kit x10 PR000207
Refurbishing strip kit x6 PR000251

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