NXP JCOP J2E145 v2.4.2 R3 Java Card 144K

NXP JCOP J2E145 v2.4.2 R3 Java Card 144K



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The JCOP J2E145 v2.4.2 R3 java card with implemented JavaCard 3.0.1 and 144KB EEPROM is the top contact edition of JCOP. This product is targeted at the innovation market including eGovernment, banking and public transport.

CardLogix offers the J2E145 in PVC, ABS, PET, and composite cards with options like magnetic stripe, SAM and SIM cards with many security and printing graphics features.


Security evaluation and certificates
Hardware security certification in accordance with CC EAL5+ is attained. Also, third-party
approval such as EMVCo (VISA, CAST), and others, depending on the application
requirements, are available.

NXP Semiconductors continues to drive forward third-party security evaluations to provide
its customers with the relevant information and documentation needed to execute subsequent composite evaluations of implemented applications.

Security licensing
In addition to the various intellectual properties regarding attack resistance of the NXP
Semiconductors’ owned SmartMX family, NXP Semiconductors has obtained a patent
license for SPA and DPA countermeasures from Cryptography Research Incorporated
(CRI). This license covers both hardware and software countermeasures. It is important to
customers that countermeasures within the operation system are covered under this
license agreement with CRI. Further details can be obtained on request.

Optional crypto library
NXP Semiconductors offer an optional crypto library for all family types:
Various algorithms:
AES encryption and decryption using the AES coprocessor
– DES and triple-DES encryption and decryption using the DES coprocessor
RSA encryption and decryption, signature generation and verification for straightforward and CRT keys up to 5024 bits


Public Transport

  • Powerful platform for national AFC schemes and convergence with banking or eGov


  • ePassports, national ID cards, health and social-security cards, citizen cards and resident permits, driver’s licenses, high-security physical/logical access control


  • Debit, credit (MasterCard PayPass, VISA qVSDC), convergence (payment and public transportation), loyalty, mobile payment


Java Card version 3.0.1 Classic
Global Platform version 2.2.1
Security evaluation and certificates Common criteria (VAN5) EAL5+

FIPS 140-2 certified

MasterCard PIC (TAS & CAST)


EEPROM: 144 KB  Data retention time: 25 years minimum
Endurance: 500000 cycles minimum
ROM: 264 KB
RAM:  7.5 KB
Cryptography Data Encryption Standard (DES) and dual/triple key DES3 via

Coprocessor: DES/TDES [bit] 56/112/168

MAC generation and verification (Retail-MAC, CMAC and CBC-MAC)

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) via coprocessor: AES [bit] 128, 192, 256
RSA RSA CRT (1976 up to 2048 bits keys) for en-/decryption and signature generation and verification
SHA SHA-1, SHA-224 and SHA-256 hash algorithm.
ECC ECC over GF(p) algorithm that can be used for signature generation and signature verification (ECDSA) from 128 to 320 bits

ECC over GF(p) key generation algorithm that can be used to generate ECC over GF(p) key pairs

1 MHz to 10 MHz operating external clock frequency range
Communication Protocol Contact interface supports T=1 and T=0
Secure Channel Protocol: SCP01, SCP02, SCP03 (Optional)
Embedded Software Java Card Virtual Machine, Runtime Environment, Java Card API, Card Manager
Model Number JCOP 2.4.2 R3 PCM1.1
Part Number J2E145GXS
Secure Smart Card Controller  SmartMX P5CC145

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