R2215 - White Monochrome Ribbon - 500 Cards/Roll

Evolis R2215 – White Monochrome Ribbon – 500 Cards/Roll


Standard Monochrome Ribbon
Color: WHITE
Capacity: Up to 500 PRINTS/ ROLL
Compatibility: Tattoo, Tattoo 2


The Evolis High Trust® standard monochrome ribbons are specifically engineered to
provide optimal printing quality. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, White, Metallic Gold
and Metallic Silver, they are used to print a single color on cards.

Monochrome ribbons are very cost effective for personalizing pre-printed cards or for issuing single-color cards.
Thanks to the ribbon saver feature, available with continuous ribbons, you significantly increase the number of
cards to be printed with one single ribbon. Indeed, the surface used on the ribbon corresponds to the real printed
surface plus a 7 mm (0.27’’) jump, and not the surface of a whole card.

The RFID system allows the automatic ribbon recognition by the printer (improved user friendliness).

The EASY4PRO line consists of the removal of ribbon cassette. The Evolis Easy4pro ribbons are designed for card
printing professionals with high ribbon consumption who require compact consumables with a small footprint
Downsized to minimum dimensions, the Easy4pro ribbons feature an optimized soft packaging:
• This helps to reduce shipping and storage cost for large-volume users
• This also helps to reduce plastic consumption and waste (no cassette, no blister).
These ribbons benefit from the same high level of quality as the standard Primacy consumable range and produce
sharp, bright images and clear text.

These ribbons shall be capable of functioning for up to 1 year after purchase if stored in a cool, dry environment
and having remained unopened from the original packaging. Temperature of storage must be between 5-25°C
(41 – 77°F) and at RH between 30-80%. Once opened these ribbons shall have a lifetime of 6 months if stored under
cool, dry conditions. For all these ribbons, avoid dust, direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperatures. Do not
place near solvent or other chemicals.