Aspects Software is a specialist, independent smartcard solution provider with over 20 years’ experience. Focusing on Open Standards, Aspects has developed a Java Card / Global Platform compliant Operating System with tailored solutions for the Wireless (GSM Phase 2+), Finance (VISA Config 1 & 2), ID (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified) and multi-media markets. Aspects also provides Smartcard Security Consultancy Services and a range of industry leading, proven Test Tools for the Wireless market to inspect, analyse and ensure Standards compliance terminals and handsets with smartcards.

For over 10 years, Aspects has been involved in the smart card industry: taking part in standards development, developing test tools and offering consultancy and training. Recently, we have focused on smart cards for the telecommunications market. Aspects’ develop tools and test suites for testing SIMs and USIMs as well as handsets. Aspects testing tools are used by card and handset manufacturers to develop and test products. They are also used by network operators to test cards and handsets. Our testing tools use flexible Java APIs that take testing beyond standards conformance.

Aspects’ tools consist of a hardware platform and a number of software applications in three areas:

  • Spying/monitoring: tools that monitor the communication between card and handset without interrupting it. These are invaluable for debugging and error finding.
  • Card testing: tools and test suites that simulate the handset end of the communication. You can write repeatable tests to ensure that a card works as it should.
  • Handset testing: tools and test suites that simulate a SIM or USIM and let you write and test the handset behaviour thoroughly.

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