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Hive Minded, Inc. was founded in 2002 with a specific goal in mind; to bring .NET technology to a broad range of highly embedded devices. Based in the university town of Berkeley, California, Hive Minded continues the tradition of technological innovation and creativity for which the Bay Area is famous.

Hive Minded is focused on secure embedded devices, typified by smart cards, and provides a complete .NET/ECMA standard C# environment in as little as 60K ROM and less than 128 bytes of RAM.

All products are licensed to hardware manufactures for inclusion in their products. Hive Minded, Inc. has no affiliation with any particular company.

In early 1996 SchlumbergerSema began to develop a new smart card. The goal was to move away from the custom low level smart card development of the past and to build a next generation card using a high level language. The language of choice was Java. The first production card was demonstrated at JavaOne in 1997.

The founders of Hive Minded, Inc. led the engineering team on the original Javacard 1.0 product (as well as developing the first free non-Sun Java implementation called “Kaffe”), and have used their experience to develop a new generation of smart card products including Nectar and Smartcard.NET.

Hive Minded’s .NET implementation with its smart card partner Axalto (formally a division of Schlumberger), enables smart cards to help provide secure network access to Microsoft computer systems and facilities. Hive Minded’s .NET implementation was independently developed using the specifications published by Microsoft through ECMA. It provides a compatible .NET implementation for smart cards, enabling developers and solution providers to leverage their current C# and Visual Basic skills and development tools for smart card development. As well as providing legacy smart card support, Hive Minded’s .NET implementation simplifies integration into the IT organization through its use of Microsoft’s standard tools and Windows’ communication protocols.

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