id3 Technologies was founded in 1990 in the French “Silicon Valley” near Grenoble France, id3 has since faced many challenges. Originally involved in electronics, id3 is now recognized as one of the leading experts in biometric innovative technologies, and has already issued 30 million licenses for its match-on-card algorithm. The constantly developing expertise of its team of 30 engineers has been rewarded by the MINEX certification for worldwide top-ranking technology.

id3 Technologies is a major player in the field of biometric systems and identity management solutions. The company is recognized worldwide in particular in fingerprint recognition technology with its match-on-card authentication algorithms. Its large expertise covers image processing applied to biometrics (fingerprint, face, iris), radio communication technologies (NFC, RFID, UHF, etc.), smart cards, Java Cards and embedded electronic systems. With more than 25 years of experience, id3 has an international network of customers and partners and offers its services worldwide to high-technologies companies.

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