SafeNet IDPrime PIV (Personal Identity Verification) card is a FIPS 201 standards-based card for U.S. government agencies, state and local government organizations to issue user credentials that the Federal Government can trust. The same smart card can be used for either a CIV or PIV-I based deployment depending on company policies and requirements. This smart card provides premium privacy protection through mandatory and optional features of the SP800-73-4 standard. Customers can benefit from enhanced performance and built-in biometric capabilities (On Card Comparison), preparing them for enhanced user authentication.

IDPrime PIV cards deliver high levels of security for identity management, interoperability and trust with federal agencies and departments as well as serving as a form of passwordless authentication.

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  • Sale!
    • Ultra-compact, lightweight and portable
    • Ultra-affordable
    • Fast and accurate verification
    • FBI Certified for FIPS 201 (PIV) and Mobile ID FAP 30
    •  IP54 certified
  • Sale!
    • Accurate, patented optical USB fingerprint sensor with 500 DPI resolution
    • Auto-On™ – automatic finger detection technology
    • Rugged fingerprint sensor resistant to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock (IP65)
    • Ultra-compact, lightweight and portable
    • Serial Cable connectivity through USB 2.0
    • Latent print image removal (does not accept prints left behind)
    • FBI Certified (PIV, FIPS 201, Mobile ID FAP 20 Compliant)
    • Easy to use: Intuitive single finger scanner – Acquisition driven by a software interface explaining which finger to place and the result of acquisition
    • User Interface: 3 colors LED interface
    • LFD: Patented technology for Liveness Detection
    • FBI PIV certified – FAP45
    • Easy Integration: MultiScan SDK – Multi OS compatibility – OEM module available
    • Flat&Rolled: it can acquire FLAT and ROLLED fingerprints
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    • On Hand and Available Immediately
    • 72 Kilobyte Memory Capacity
    • Java Card 2.2.1 Platform
    • GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
    • Custom Card Options Available
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