Signature Capture

A Signature Capture is when a digital representation (E-signatures) of a person’s signature is collected, typically in the form of an image. E-signatures are commonly used to sign business documents in a secure manner from just about anywhere. Whether you need to capture signatures on your website, at point-of-sale (POS) or out in the field using a laptop or mobile device. From medical treatment to mortgages, a signature is still the most familiar and personal way to prove your commitment in important, decision-making moments. But workflows requiring in-person signatures are inefficient and time-consuming to complete when they rely solely on paper.

A signature pad is a device that electronically captures a person’s handwritten signature on an LCD touchpad using a pen-type stylus. As a user digitally “signs” a data capture’s LCD touchpad, a sensor “reads” the pressure from the tip of the stylus, transmitting signature data to a computer. The LCD touchpads on several of the signature capture pad models we carry offer a backlit feature. It allows a user to see “electronic ink” under the pen tip as it is signed as well as navigate between data screens to read agreements and select options for a given transaction. Once captured, digital signatures can be imported into and used with most ID software and security programs. Signatures can also be digitally stored for future use.

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