Take advantage of free interactive demo software and cards by CardLogix to optimize your free trial

From capturing user data to encoding, printing and checking that data, get the most out of your Free Trial of CEE with the use of integrated, interactive demos and components. All solutions below can be customized to meet your needs.

Smart Card Encoding Options

CEE Test Cards

Request free CEE Demo Cards (contact and/or contactless smart cards) from CardLogix to write your own sample data to smart cards with your free trial of CEE.  The smart cards are pre-configured with idblox-compatible card file structures so that you can program variable and fixed data to its files right away. Reply to this email to request your idblox smart cards today!

Enrollment Options

Troposphere™ Cloud Enrollment & Database (Free Interactive Demo)

Enroll now using sample data: http://www.clxdemo.com/troposphereweb/
View and manage that data here: http://www.clxdemo.com/troposphereAdmin/

*Note: this data is viewable by the public, so please use fake sample data only

Then, simply select the Troposphere Database option on the right side panel under the Encoding Workspace in Card Encoding Engine to populate this sample data

Verification Options

FastCheck® Mobile NFC App (Free Interactive Demo)

Free download from Google Play. Display and verify user data from contactless idblox cards (demographics, signature, face). Use this app to also enroll new data (demographics, signature, face) and send it to Troposphere with a click of a button for use with CEE.  The FastCheck App is compatible with NFC-compatible Android Devices and CEE Demo Cards from CardLogix.

FastCheck® Windows PC Software (Free Interactive Demo)

Already included with your CEE Trial installation package, open FastCheck for Windows to display and verify user data from contact or contactless smart cards with a card reader.

For more information on various CEE Enrollment and Database options, please review our CEE Enrollment Options.

Compatible Products & Solutions  (Sold Separately)

Desktop Card Printer & Encoder Options

For Distributed, Instant Issuance at the Desktop:

CEE is compatible with Evolis, Matica, and Zebra desktop card printers with smart card encoders. CEE also works with Evolis laminators and laser engraver machines and will soon be compatible with Pointman and Dascom ID card printers with encoders.

*Watch our CEE Instant ID Card Issuance Solution in Action:  https://youtu.be/AR7ldB2vJ9w

For Centralized, High Volume Card Issuance:

CEE is compatible with Matica S7000 centralized ID card encoder, printer, laser engraver, and laminator.

*Watch our CEE High-Volume ID Card Issuance Solution in Action: https://youtu.be/6Lz7N8STgG8

For your free trial of CEE, you may also use a card reader/writer without card printing capability. We recommend contact and contactless card readers by Identiv.

Biometrics Solutions

IDBX™ Inline Biometric Enrollment & Card Issuance Solution

Get started immediately with IDBX inline biometric enrollment and issuance kits that allow you to issue sophisticated biometric ID cards within minutes. In 3 easy steps, you can:

  1. Enroll multi-modal biometrics (face, fingerprints, iris, signature) and biographical user information
  2. Print and encode the data to the smart card chip with Card Encoding Engine and Card Printers with Encoders
  3. Verify cardholder information extracted from the chip via visual inspection and via 1:1 biometric matching with the use of integrated Windows and Android software applications.

Watch our IDBX Biometric Enrollment and Issuance Solution in Action:

Recorded live from ID4Africa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I5C1hrummM
Recorded live from CardLogix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht0MUWmicwI&t=2s

BIOSID™ Tablet Verify/Enroll

CardLogix’ BIOSID is an idblox-compatible solution ideal for multi-modal biometric identity verification and enrollment from any location. Learn more

IDBLOX® ID Card Ecosystem

Idblox ID Ecosystem streamlines and accelerates deployments of high security, multi-functional smart card systems with biometrics.

With idblox, clients can stack together interoperable and modular building blocks that save you months of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars (USD).

Learn more at www.idblox.com

Please let us know if you have any questions that we can answer for you! Simply reply to this email or send your inquiry to sales@cardlogix.com to reach a dedicated sales representative.

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