Case Studies

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908, 2011

Memorial Hospital

Taking Care with Smart Cards Memorial Hospital of North Conway, New Hampshire strives for excellence in care, and grapples with hard economic realities. Memorial prides itself on the finest patient care, which begins at the point of Admissions. Similarly, the complex and lengthy billing and insurance claims process starts at

908, 2011

Zambia Antiretroviral Health Program

Of the 33 million people who are HIV-positive worldwide, 22 million of them live in sub-Saharan Africa. Along with 14 other nations, the country of Zambia receives aid from the United States and other entities to combat this disease. CardLogix smart cards and software are the cornerstone of an Electronic

908, 2011

Public Utility Power Management

The forward-thinking Salt River Project (SRP) of Phoenix has addressed their customer’s need for power and financial management with an innovative program called SRP M-Power®. The program relies on a pre-paid smart card, provided by CardLogix, that customers load value into at numerous pay stations (ATMs) throughout the service area.

908, 2011

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Smart Cards Connect the Corps The U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers fulfills a diverse mission of engineering services throughout the U.S. and the world, in both natural and urban environments. There is a similar diversity to the places Corps personnel travel to – their workplace is often remote and rugged,

908, 2011

Georgia Voter Card

When someone wants to vote in an election, there are many points of data and transactions that must take place. Many U.S. states, including Georgia have found a way to reliably capture, store, and transact voter IDs, with the help of CardLogix smart cards. In addition to verifying a voter’s

908, 2011

City of Denver Parking

No Change? No Problem. Smart Card Parking in Denver When the city of Denver evaluated parking management and enforcement for its busy streets, it concluded that coin-based meters just didn’t add up. They selected the IPS Group and CardLogix smart cards to create an alternative solution to add intelligence and