Microprocessor Smart Cards

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CardLogix’ microprocessor chip cards are true smart cards. Unlike a straight memory or protected memory card, a microprocessor smart chip card contains a central processing unit (CPU) and operating system that performs multiple functions while securing your data, assets, and identity. The chip is a miniature computer embedded in your card that uses digital authentication to actively challenge the identity of applications and readers that request access to sensitive and personal information. In other words, a microprocessor smart card is actually intelligent, permitting the correct usage of smart card.

CardLogix offers a wide range of contact, contactless, and dual-interface microprocessor smart chip cards, including but not limited to:

Experts in smart cards and secure technologies, CardLogix sales consultants evaluate your unique requirements to recommend the best option for your solution.  CardLogix’ full-service card manufacturing facility, with chip-embedding and other specialized machinery, makes it possible to design the custom-made card that’s right for you.

If your cards need to be graphically and/or electronically personalized in the field or at the desktop, consider a desktop card printer and encoder with advanced personalization and smart chip encoding software. For a high volume of cards with lithographic printing and programming needs, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Discuss your options with one of CardLogix’ highly trained smart card specialists today.

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