CardLogix offers a wide variety of security features to finalize your ID card program. Security graphics help to prevent fraud by making it very difficult to reproduce your cards. Special equipment is used for unique printing and engraving techniques. The more security graphics a card houses, the more perpetrators are deterred due to the difficulty in both reproducing your designs and acquiring the special equipment needed to print or engrave them.

CardLogix can work with your unique design or create an original design for you to own. CardLogix’ experienced security graphics design team is specially trained to create both impressive and hard-to-duplicate designs for ID Cards.

Some of the security printing technologies and methods used by CardLogix include:


Guilloche security smart card printingGuilloche are complex geometric patterns that consist of numerous fine, interwoven lines. Because each pattern is uniquely generated, exact reproduction is nearly impossible.


Smart card microprintingMicroprinting (and nanometer imaging) is a printing technique that creates a faint line, composed of very fine text. This text is only clearly legible through a magnifying glass or microscope. It is impossible to reproduce using conventional scanners and desktop card printers.

Ultraviolet (UV) Ink

UV ink smart card printingUltraviolet inks are available in an array of colors. UV ink is invisible in normal light, but glows brightly when exposed to black light. UV ink can be used for any printed security feature on a card (graphics, text, etc.). (Viewable on CardLogix’s sample Credentsys™ card).

Hidden Images

Hidden image security in a smart cardHidden images are mathematically buried in the printed card and can be viewed with CardLogix’s Card Validator™ Lens. Because of the fine detail used to generate the hidden images, they cannot be scanned, copied, or reproduced.

Color Shifting Ink

Color shifting ink on a smart cardColor shiifting ink, commonly seen on currency, gleams different colors as the viewing angle changes. The effect is impossible to reproduce with scanners and copiers. (Not shown on card.)

See CardLogix’ Graphics and Security Printing Guide for a comprehensive menu of security feature options

For custom designs, CardLogix employs graphic designers that specialize in security printing techniques.

Pre-designed, pre-printed card options are also available that combine a mixture of security graphic elements.

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